About Us

About Us



Through the love of our heavenly Father, the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we, Our Christ is Wonderful Missions & Ministries Inc. a Christian congregation, for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a place of worship of the Almighty God; providing for Christian fellowship for those of like precious faith; assuming our share of responsibility and the privilege of propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ by all available means, do hereby recognize ourselves as an independent assembly, and shall adopt the following articles of church discipline and submit ourselves to be governed by them.

Our Name

The OCW MMI is an acronym of Our Christ is Wonderful Missions & Ministries International Inc.



To preach, promote and advance the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ by practicing the religious observances, tenets and doctrines consistent with the teachings of the sacred Scriptures.

To support and maintain missions and missionaries in order to propagate the faith.

To conduct public meetings and evangelism of religious nature.

To establish, maintain and conduct classes for religious education.


The inheritance of eternal life through the saving grace of Jesus Christ;

The maturity of every believer in their relationship with God and in their walk of faith towards holy and blameless living;

The deliverance of soul from all sorts and forms of evil, both imaginary and/or existing.